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Do not miss this! #imtellingyou

Just a quick update, since there is something you do not want to miss this week. Marcus Hammarberg is doing a series this week on what he has been up to for the last decade(?) or so, before retiring the material in current form. Brilliant guy and it is all free, so if you have the time – make sure you go to at least one of the sessions.

Read more on his blog about “I’m telling you for the last time“.

A new traveler

Also, there is a new globetrotter. A guy from UK is adventuring Corey Haines style around the globe to see places, meet people and code to learn and master his profession. Follow him and check it out. Or even, could you help him help you? Check out Andy Waites blog for more info. At the moment he is poking around North America.

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