Public encounters

Somehow I manage to attract strangers every now and then who wants to talk to me. That is considered odd behavior in Stockholm.

A couple of years ago a druggie with no teeth came up to me. I was sitting on some display chairs outside a store waiting for a friend when he took the next seat and just started talking into the blue. All of a sudden he asked me if I was from Australia and I could not resist saying yes. Asking if I knew Angus, Angus from AC/DC, which I unfortunately didn’t. He was just back from Bangkok and was very dissatisfied with Sweden. The social helper-ladies was awful and the mob was crap. In Bangkok he was the king and knew all the highest bosses, he dictated the rules.

Another time there was this exetremely happy fellow who never showed anyone his eyes, it was his only rule. He was very much a hippie and wished me and my girlfriend lots of love and babies. All this, just as I was getting off my bike.

Just now an older gentlemen sat down next to me on the subway. While I startded fiddling on my mobilephone he asked if it was my favourite toy. Telling him no, but it helps wasting time on the way home he instead quickly replied the demise of humans. How many hasn’t been killed over a phone he asked. I tried that many has been saved also, but that didn’t stick. 20years ago they weighed 25kg and was useless even then. As he got up and taking off at the next station he also told me that stroking the hair is a nervous sign too – we will all die anyway.

I wished him a nice day to which he hollared a reply from the doors: “Shit, I hope not!”

Strangers in public places, I love talking to you! You make my days :)