Motherly feelings

No no, I am not a mother. I do hope to prove to be a good father though. But that is a whole other story. The motherly feelings I want to bring up to discussion here is women in tech and particularly in leading positions.

At the company where I work we have quite a few women, and many of them in leading positions of different kinds. Our CTO, lots of mid level management and project managers.

There are diffrences though. Some are more straight forward in their approach than others. I recently had the opportunity to work with an excellent project manager who have the ability to curve the minds on those around her. It was very soft and subtle, before you knew it things were rolling. She managed to protect the team while moving us forward in a very difficult project this way.

What she created was an open environment and invited everyone in, alot of trust came out of this. This is exactly the type of spot I like.

I guess it is also a personal preference of what you like, but in the long run this is the kind of environment you want to cultivate. In the open, things emerge and good stuff come out. Also, having a female leader tends to soften testosterone, and create little room for “chest bumping“. Less comparison and just get things done.

If I had my own company, I would hire this project manager any day for a leading position and find more like her. Women in tech are important, for the sake of getting things done in an orderly fashion.