Why I will (try to) start blogging

So, apparently I rebooted this blog/site/homepage/whatever in 2010. I promised change over a long period of time. I told you to stay tuned and that the first one probably would cover some javascript. I remember those ideas and I think that there are some unposted drafts.

This time I hope it will be different. Last time the goal was to start blogging because it felt like a good thing to do, but I didn’t really know why it would be a good idea other than sharing knowledge. Now I’m starting to get some sense to why it is a good thing which, incidently, is what THIS first post will be about :> (is smiley an accepted punctuation in blogging? Probably not, will need to work on that one.)

There are a number of things that have inspired me to get started. For one, I think it was Scott Hanselman who said that “there are a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands” and thus writing a blogpost instead of an email will reach more people AND be saved for the afterworld through indexing and archiving meaning more people will get the message.

Then there is this book I started reading, Pragmatic thinking and learning by Andy Hunt. More on the contents of the book in a later post, but it basically told me to cultivate my R-mode (more on that later aswell). R-mode pretty much translates into creativity which is essential for development to be able to dive into problems and solve appropriatly.

So this is a way to start exercising my brain, be a bit creative out of the everyday work, a test to see what happens. It is also a way to learn to verbalize creative stuff, which can be a hard thing. Besides I like writing. A problem is that I have a hard time stopping once I get going…